What is creative reuse?

Creative Reuse (also known as upcycling or repurposing), is when the addition of creativity to an already manufactured item brings a new function. A CD jewel case can become a bird feeder, wine corks turned into a cork board, a t-shirt transformed into a rug. (as defined by The Reuse Alliance)

Silver Spring Creative Reuse is a brand new project currently run by volunteers. We hope to become a non-profit and get our own space as this project grows. Our dream is to become a creative reuse center and sell materials to our community.

However, in the early stages we are launching our project by collecting materials and donating them to art classrooms across our region. We believe that this service will allow art teachers to have access to unique materials that will inspire the students to love creative reuse. In addition, they will have more room in their budget to purchase needed supplies.

It is vitally important that we, as community, strive to curb consumption and create earth-friendly sustainable behaviors.

If you or your business is interested in donating materials please e-mail michelle@coollikepie.com


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